September 9, 2014 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Linden Hills Park Recreation Center
3100 West 43rd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55410

Powerful Conversations Tour: Building an Empowered Community Ready to Direct Our Energy Future…

Please bring a friend or neighbor!

Come listen, learn, ask, and share about what is possible for a Clean, Local, Equitable, Affordable, and Reliable energy future as Minneapolis finalizes negotiations for an innovative, first in the nation city-utility partnership. Minneapolis community members have been organizing for the last two years for greater local control and benefit over our energy system – this event will be a great opportunity to learn about what has been accomplished and the opportunities ahead.
This two-hour teach-in will help us understand the technical, economic, & political dynamics that have guided our energy utility system as well as discussion on how to transform it. From this event, you’ll be invited to join action teams and be part of the movement to create jobs, protect our public health, & grow a socially just local economy through community-based energy systems.

For more info http://www.communitypowermn.org/powerconvo

Lee Samelson • leesamelson@gmail.com • 970-270-7280

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