Events Committee

The Events committee in conjunction with LHiNC staff, plans, organizes and assists with the execution of community events on behalf of LHiNC (e.g., Nice Neighbors Day, Linden Hills Festival, Fall Festival/LHiNC elections). Committee meetings are held as needed. 

Mission statement: To foster community in Linden Hills through events.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Develop a yearly calendar of community events (including, but not limited to Nice Neighbor’s Day, the Linden Hills Festival and Fall Festival/LHiNC elections and the Little Homes Tour)
  • Outline the Linden Hills Festival timeline of tasks needed for delegation
  • Outline the Fall Festival/LHiNC elections timeline of tasks needed for delegation
  • Communicate tasks needed for delegation to LHiNC to execute the Linden Hills Festival and Fall Festival/LHiNC elections.
  • Continue to improve upon LHiNC’s events and come up with new ways to attract neighbors to events

Time Commitment: Committee members typically are very active outside of the scheduled meetings.  This committee will meet approximately 4-6 times a year to develop topics, confirm program details, and evaluate the progress and eventual success of events. Annually, this committee will meet to set the calendar for the following year, and evaluate the committee’s needs. Committee members will assist with the organization and execution of the Linden Hills Festival.