LHiNC Housing Committee

The Housing Committee was newly formed in 2014.

Committee Chairman: Jim Miller

Committee Members:  Eric Hansen, Chuck Sullivan, Sara Jaehne


Housing Committee’s Mission Statement:

The Linden Hills Neighborhood Council’s Housing Committee’s Mission is to create an open forum to address housing concerns in Linden Hills. 

  • The Housing Committee meets the fourth Monday of the month at Linden Hills Coop from 6:30pm -7:30pm.

The Housing Committee seeks to be proactive about housing issues facing the neighborhood and looks to seek solutions for issues outlined in the Small Area Plan (SAP).

Below is a list of some of the issues that the Housing Committee will prioritize.

  1. Work on solutions to the parking problems in the neighborhood which will continue to increase as more businesses move into the neighborhood.  Seek grants or funding for a parking study.  The area of particular interest for parking is the area between Settergren’s Hardware and St. Thomas the Apostle Church and the old Trolley Corridor leading to Xerxes Ave.
  2. Renters Forums – The data from 2010 shows that the Neighborhood is about 30% renters.  We seek to engage renters to discover the issues that are facing this underserved population in our neighborhood.
  3. Senior Housing Initiatives – The Housing Committee will spearhead aging-in-place, accessory housing and senior housing initiatives.  This will involve reaching out to small scale senior housing developers for guidance and identifying possible locations.
  4. New members outreach.  Look for committed community members who can help with Housing Committee project development.
  5. Linden Hills Small Area Plan review.
  6. Linden Hills Little Homes Tour.