On January 8, the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council voted unanimously to support a soil restoration project for the neighborhood. The project will be headed up by Linden Hills resident and LHiNC Environmental Committee member Ginny Halloran and Kassie Brown from Renaissance Soil.

The project will begin in the spring, when Halloran and Brown convert a section of the trolley path into a demonstration site, showing residents how to create healthy carbon-rich soil lawns. This process called carbon sequestration helps to reverse climate change by pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere. It also helps the environment by making lawns less susceptible to drought and in need of watering, because during rainstorms, healthy soil can store more water deep in the soil. This also reduces fertilizer runoff into our lakes and rivers. Additionally, pollinators thrive on a healthy carbon rich lawn!

The purpose of the project is to train those interested in the neighborhood on how to create such a lawn. More information will be coming about this exciting sustainability project sponsored by Linden Hills Environment Committee and executed in partnership with Renaissance Soil throughout the upcoming year.

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