Each year, the Neighborhood Council presents Linden Hills Treasure Awards to residents and/or business owners who enhance the quality of our neighborhood through volunteer efforts or a strong sense of giving back to the community.

At Fall Fest on October 12, City Council Member Linea Palmisano presented this year’s Treasure awards to Jim Miller and the RUBIES Robotics Team from Southwest High School.

Jim Miller – Three people nominated Jim Miller. Read excerpts of their nominations below.

“I could not think of a better person nor citizen who is more caring, astutely interested in neighborhood issues– brings calm and diplomatic demeanor and wonderful ideas and vibes to the table!
Jim Miller takes time out his day to lend a helping hand to neighbors!”

“As a LHINC Board member, Jim Miller has been working on the LHiNC zoning committee for the past two years. He has spent a lot of time talking to neighborhood residents to try to get a sense of how they feel on particular issues. Jim is Block Captain of his block. Jim Miller is authentic. His actions and ideas are pure of heart. That is why I feel Jim should be recognized as a Linden Hills Treasure.”

“When problems arise for in the neighborhood, many times I have seen Jim Miller go and speak directly to the involved or injured party: whether it is a business owner or resident. He doesn’t talk about what he does, he just does it. And in the 3 years I have been involved in the neighborhood I have witnessed it time and time again. Mr. Jim Miller is a true and selfless, Linden Hills Treasure.”

The RUBIES Robotics Team from Southwest High School

The Rubies all-girls robotics team consists of:
Adelaide Fanner
Ava Kian
Isabella Kemling
Izzie Mack
Mitra Kian
Rachel Springer

Here is an excerpt from the Rubies’ award nomination:

“If you’re open to group nominations I think the Rubies robotics team truly embodies what this award celebrates. This team of six girls is based (and lives) in Linden Hills and attend Southwest High School. They are an award-winning robotics team, one of a select group to be invited to last year’s FTC Robotics World Championships in St. Louis. But it’s their outreach and community involvement that sets them apart.

They have volunteered to demonstrate robotics and STEM at countless events – at the Bakken, the Works Musuem, Linden Hills Festival, Lake Harriet Community School, the State Fair, and many others.

The team has a passion for making such programs available to all, particularly to underserved populations. They meet regularly with teams from across Minneapolis, putting a special focus on areas with high poverty. Two years ago they were the only public school FTC team from Minneapolis; now there are at least 10, and the Rubies have helped them all.”

On behalf of LHiNC, congratulations to both Jim Miller and the Rubies.

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