Meet Candidates for LHiNC

Starting October 6, Linden Hills Neighborhood Council will be holding board elections to fill 8 seats. LHiNC is a group of 15 board members elected by the community, with half the seats filled each year. Board members serve a 2-year term.

Below are bios of the 12 candidates who are running for the LHiNC board this year.

Each candidate was also given the opportunity to provide a statement during our Annual Meeting on October 6. If you missed it, you can watch candidate statements here.

Voting will take place online starting October 6 through October 20 at 8:00 p.m. To vote, you must be a Linden Hills resident who is 18 years of age or older.

Here is the link to the Official 2020 LHiNC Board Election Ballot.

If you don’t want to vote online, you can download a ballot, print it and mail it to LHiNC at PO Box 24049, Minneapolis, MN. If mailed, ballots must be received by October 20, 2020.

Gerry Albanese

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC.
My wife and I have lived in Minneapolis since early 2018 and we moved to Linden Hills in August of 2019. We moved here when I retired to be closer to our grandchildren and children. We have spent quite a bit of time with them since we moved here. and that has been great fun.

I am currently a member of the Zoning and Housing Committee. I have enjoyed the work and look forward to staying on this committee. It is interesting to learn about the investments that people are making in the community and how the various zoning requirements apply to each project. I also enjoy that we have been able to help people realize their dreams when it comes to housing.

 Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:
I would like to continue to see it become easier for housing to either be refurbished or built in the neighborhood. This is a relatively expensive neighborhood for housing and anything we can do to make it more affordable for more people is a good thing. Long term, I can see that more multi-family units will be built in Linden Hills.

Also, what can we do as a community to help more people age in place. I think this is more important than ever in light of Covid 19 and the issues that have arisen in assisted living and nursing homes.

We lived in Richmond, Virginia for almost ten years, prior to moving to Minneapolis, in a neighborhood that contained single, family, multi family and apartment houses. It worked very well and made the neighborhood more interesting and dynamic.

We are also very lucky to have great parks and lakes as part of our surroundings. Whatever we can do to preserve and protect this valuable asset is worth it. Not only do we enjoy the parks and lakes, so do people from all over Minneapolis.

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC.
I spent 43 years in the insurance business and know quite a bit about risk and how to mitigate and control it. Some of those skills I developed at work can be used to continue to improve the community. I spent many years creating and managing change in an organization. I know how to run meetings and get people with various opinions to agree to a common goal. Listening to others is very important to reach a common consensus. I remember asking myself many times, when others were speaking, what were they trying to tell me. Did the words match what they were trying to tell me? Listening can be hard work but very worthwhile if we are going to make any progress on any issues.

I also have spent time fundraising. During my last year of work, I chaired the Richmond, Virginia, Heart Walk. It was the first year we raised more than $1,000,000 from the walk. On the day of the walk, we had over 5,000 participants taking part in a three mile walk. It was a real thrill to be part of a group of that size all out for a common purpose.

I hope you will consider me for the Neighborhood Council.

Jenifer Bellefleur

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC.
Hello! I’m Jen Bellefleur, and I have lived, worked, and owned a business in Linden Hills for many years. My kids went to Southwest High School, and as a family, we enjoy the beauty and vitality of our neighborhood and its residents. I am a disabled veteran, and I remain involved with the military by serving disabled female vets with volunteer time and support. I’m almost a GIA Graduate Gemologist–my final classes were scheduled for April of 2020; they were postponed due to COVID but will hopefully “happen” later this year. I love designing jewelry and sourcing unique stones for our clients here at New Gild Jewelers. Here in the village, I conceptualized and brought to life the lovely Wine and Stroll events we’ve held, although they had to be cancelled for 2020 due to COVID. I am currently in my third year as the Linden Hills Business Association Treasurer, a commitment that will end at the end of 2020 for me. In my past, I served on the board of CTC–the largest housing cooperative in North America–at the University of Minnesota for three years. I would love the opportunity to continue to serve Linden Hills on the LHNC board as both a home owner and a business owner.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:
My hopes for our neighborhood are layered, but they all distill down to my wish that will keep service as our highest goal. I hope that Linden Hills can continue to be a place where visitors, home owners, renters, and business owners felt heard, served, and respected. That hope leaves room for evolution, as we find new ways to fulfill it in a new era. I believe that one of the reasons folks choose to live in Linden Hills is the small town feel, which is created–among other places–in the business district. Preserving the business district’s small town feel is an important goal that affects our entire community. In addition to our processes and relationships within Linden Hills, we also need to evolve our relationship to the larger metropolitan area. The “messy stuff” happens when we differ in our goals, and even in our interpretation of shared goals, and that “messy stuff” is both a concern and an opportunity. I excel at listening, finding facts, weighing opinions, and securing consensus. My goal is to give back to my beautiful neighborhood through this service opportunity.

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC.
I have a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Augsburg, and I am proud of my leadership skills and accomplishments. As an executive and more recently as a business owner, I have considerable experience with most areas of organizational development, management, and other skills needed to succeed in both corporate America and small business ownership. Someone asked me recently what leadership meant in reference to my education. Leadership has many definitions, but for me, leadership is the ability to harness power and to then use it with integrity. A position on the neighborhood council has the power of influence and of one vote. People who know me well know that I will strive to always use that power responsibly and fairly.

Benjamin Braun

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC.
I am not a member of a lot of organizations or clubs, but I have lived in Linden Hills for about ten years and have enjoyed the high quality of life that I have come to associate with Linden Hills; the shops and restaurants, the hardware store and coffee shops. I spend a lot of time walking the neighborhood, observing all the ways in which my neighbors work to create beautiful landscapes in their yards and create an inviting and welcoming environment uniquely their own. Additionally, as an avid runner I am an active user of all the bike paths in and around our corner of the City and have come to appreciate what a valuable asset they are not only to the City as a whole but to our neighborhood and how it connects us to other great parts of Minneapolis and suburbs.

I have also come to appreciate the way in which the neighborhood comes together; especially since Covid-19 has struck. In spite of social distancing protocols, I find people to be friendlier than ever and willing to stop and talk about a new tomato plant they are growing in their boulevard, or discuss their opinions regarding the latest construction project on their block. It’s a lively, friendly and safe neighborhood and one that is worth working for and worth working to maintain.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:
My greatest concerns for the neighborhood have to do with how it is developed and maintained. As an architect focused on residential design I feel like I should be happy about seeing new homes spring up in the neighborhood; after all, I have plenty of experience looking at ways in which existing homes can be modernized and it is often not easy. Sometimes a house is simply obsolete and replacing it with something new and energy efficient is better for the environment and better for the health of the occupants. However, it can also be difficult to reconcile the new with the old and wholesale removal of existing homes is not always the wise choice especially if the hope is for the neighborhood to remain accessible to people in a broad range of income levels. So, my main concerns have to do with the way in which the neighborhood is developed, the removal of potential “starter” homes in favor of larger, new homes that are increasingly more costly. Development patterns too are changing the fabric of the neighborhood; maximizing the house means losing yard space. The impact of that is the loss of much of what makes the neighborhood desirable for development; charming older homes with mature trees and just enough yard space to create outdoor rooms and lush planted areas.

My goal for the neighborhood would be to create design guidelines that would serve as alternatives for developers to the kind of rough shod approach that some projects take to the redevelopment of sites around the neighborhood. Redevelopment of a property in the neighborhood isn’t inherently bad, but there are ways in which it can happen symbiotically with the mutual interests of the neighborhood and the developer in mind.

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC.
My educational underpinning is a degree in philosophy which has honed my communication skills. With the combination of philosophy and an economics minor, my first job out of college was in the financial industry; largely in the area of trading. Though I learned a lot that has subsequently served me well in considering my own personal finances, it was not a career for me. I took a circuitous path spending time in Japan teaching English to children before finding my way back to school for architecture. I am now a registered architect with the State of Minnesota and run my own practice in residential design. Prior to starting out on my own, I worked for a few firms in Minneapolis and Saint Paul and worked a range of project types from Churches, to K-12 schools and higher education classrooms, such as science buildings as well as some dormitory type buildings. My education as an architect also gives me familiarity with issues of urban planning that come to the fore in the last couple years. My background gives me a good foundation of communication skills, clear problem solving abilities and an understanding of many practical issues of money management and planning. I draw on much of this background in my professional practice on a daily basis; they are skills that would likely be applicable to LHiNC as well.

Erica Chua

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC.
Hi! I’m Erica Chua, a Linden Hills resident who has spent more than five years getting to know fellow community members, enjoying the local businesses and, of course, the parks!

I have a long history of involvement in our community and a commitment to bringing people together through events.

From my day job of managing large events for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board including the annual 4th of July celebration and Music and Movies program that includes concerts at Lake Harriet. I have served as the Event Chair for Crescendo Project, the young professionals board for the Minnesota Orchestra. I was on the founding board of Minnesota Public Radio’s Generation Listen and served on the Advisory Board for the Walker Art Center’s Sensory Sunday events. Additionally, I am an active mother of two, involved with Lake Harriet Lower as my oldest just entered Kindergarten.

These varied experiences in our community have helped me understand what brings people together, and how we all benefit from meeting our neighbors and continuing to make this a great neighborhood to live and play in! In getting involved in the LHiNC Board I hope to partner my professional and community engagement experiences to continue to grow our scholarship programs, support and highlight all that makes Linden Hills unique and offer experiences for all of us to connect.

I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin La Crosse (Bachelor of Recreation Management), and currently in progress to obtain my MBA from Texas A & M University.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:
Building inclusive and welcoming communities is essential now more than ever. I hope to continue the work that LHiNC has been doing to raise up the treasures in our community, support local businesses, connect neighbors through events, prioritize the environment, offer scholarships and funding for new projects, and provide opportunities for us to encourage each other. Linden Hills is a place people choose to live because it’s a great place to raise a family and to enjoy as you age. I hope to continue to have this neighborhood serve all of its residents and be a place where new community members from all walks of life feel at home.

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC.
I have many years of program and event management experience to draw from, bringing expertise in volunteer management, event logistics, and sponsor recruitment. Working for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, I also bring specific experience in navigating the City of Minneapolis rules, regulations and permitting processes for everything from food truck licensing to special event permitting.

Peter Gilbert

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC.
I started volunteering on LHiNC’s Community Engagement Committee in December 2018 and became a committee co-chair in November 2019. I enjoy being part of the team that works to help organizations like the Park Board connect and engage with our community. Our team also produces the monthly e-newsletter, which serves to inform and build our community.

I was appointed to the board in December 2019 to finish the term of a board member who resigned. I’m running for re-election because I want to continue playing an active role in the future of our neighborhood.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:
I want Linden Hills to always do more than talk about the issues affecting our city. We should continue to take action too. Making our neighborhood more diverse and inclusive is also high on my list of goals. I believe we should also find a way to increase the availability of parking so that more people can experience and enjoy the unique charm and beauty of the neighborhood.

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC.
I’m a full-time advertising and marketing writer. I also have extensive experience leading meetings, organizing events and managing volunteers.

Robert Haider

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC.
My partner and I moved to Linden Hills from North Dakota in 2017. After a year and a half as renters, we knew we wanted to put down roots in Linden Hills and we found our dream home. I was first elected to the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council in 2018, and I serve on the Environment & Sustainability (“E&S”) Committee. I joined the E&S committee as a non-LHiNC member in 2017.

Since 2008, I have worked at the intersection of the law, politics, and policy. I am currently the DFL Voter Protection Director, where I work every day to ensure that every eligible Minnesotan can cast their ballot and their ballot counts. My government experience includes time working for a U.S. Senator and stints developing policy in both the North Dakota and Minnesota Legislatures. While working at the Minnesota House of Representatives, I was a policy aide for the Judiciary & Civil Law; Public Safety & Criminal Justice Reform; and Corrections Committees.

My partner and I have long volunteered for a number of organizations that advocate for social, economic, and racial justice.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:
I’m biased, but I believe that Linden Hills is the best neighborhood to visit, and in which to live, in the City of Minneapolis. I really enjoy taking walks around it and seeing the many “All Are Welcome Here” yard signs. In order to live up to that motto, and so that others may enjoy our friendly neighbors, lakes, and wonderful small businesses located here, I hope to see more multi-family housing units built here. While there are limits as to how much impact LHiNC has on that front, the impact is nonetheless non-zero. If I have the honor of being chosen again to serve our neighbors, I will always support the expansion of duplexes, triplexes, and apartment buildings.

As a regular user of public transportation, Linden Hills is lucky to have two Route 6 buses come through our neighborhood. I look forward to completion of the E Line BRT, which will provide faster and more reliable service in the Route 6 corridor, which includes France Avenue. Linden Hills is at the forefront of environmentalism in the City of Minneapolis, and once this BRT is operational, it will provide our neighbors even more opportunities and incentives to move away from the usage of automobiles.

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC.
I have a bachelor’s degree in Political Science (University of North Dakota) and a Juris Doctor (UND School of Law). I have spent much of the last decade recruiting and managing volunteers, mostly in the context of political campaigns and grassroots issue-based organizations. I have also served in the roles of communications director and digital director, so I can write press releases, manage relationships with reporters, and manage social media accounts. My writing abilities also include technical writing as well as blog posts.

Judy Hornbacher

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC.
I have served one term on the Linden Hills Council and am applying to serve a second term. My goal in joining the Council Board was and is to participate in the invigorating and important work the Council does.

For example, in the year I have served, the Council has hosted the Linden Hills Festival of Spring 2019, The Taste of Linden Hills, Fall 2020 and responded to the serious issues our City faces by collaborating with city organizations and other Neighborhood Councils. In partnership with the City Office of Immigration and Refugee Services, we have launched a speaker series, “Communities in Crisis, In this Together: Immigrants and Refugees “; The Events Committee is planning a community based series of conversations about race. The Environmental Committee works tirelessly on issues of sustainable yards, parks and pathways, buckthorn abatement, and the education of children and adults. The Zoning Committee is actively engaged with the City , builders and home owners on proposed development and requests for zoning variances.

This is an engaged and passionate Board. I would be honored to continue my participation on it.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:

* To expand our participation with other Minneapolis Neighborhood Councils to address the needs of our city

* To reach and engage more Linden Hills neighbors through the Linden Hills Council E Newsletter, the expanded options to E-vote for Board Members and a longer voting period

* To continue listening to, learning about and creating ways to act for the greater good of our neighborhood and our entire City

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC.

* Experienced School Administrator { California Curriculum Co-ordinator; Minneapolis District Arts Coordinator; AP North High School; AP Burnsville High School; Principal, Nicollet Junior High)

* Experienced Board member ( Friends of the University of Minnesota Libraries 9 years; Penumbra Theater; Education Board, Guthrie Theater; Education Board, Walker Art Center)

Cassandra Jindra

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC.
I grew up going to work with both of my parents who worked their entire careers in downtown Minneapolis, and my aunt was a member of the League of Women Voters for decades. I grew up loving Minneapolis and my only goal was to one day move and live here as an adult. Now that I am here, I want to be involved in my community and be a voice for the next generation of young professionals moving into our neighborhood. I have degrees in Marketing and Management, a Master’s of Business Administration, and am currently pursuing a PhD of Counseling. I have also worked abroad teaching English as a second language, and have served with the military for 9 years. I hope to bring my unique perspective to the board to collaborate with my neighbors, and others who care deeply about where we live and raise our families.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:
I truly believe that small community involvement and collaboration is the key to changing culture and can have a ripple effect to our cities, states, and our country on a national level. Linden Hills, to me, is a safe and familiar sanctuary in the metro area. Homeowners in Linden Hills care about and take ownership of where they live, and it’s visible from the landscaping to the details to the gatherings at Turtle Bread every weekend. I hope to see LH hold on to this familiar environment, but also to become stronger and proactive for the things we would like to see change.

Preserving and maintaining the bike lanes and trails is something I would like to see, as well as reducing crime, or at least maintaining a level of safety as the crime rates in Minneapolis climb. I also would like to advocate for carefully considering new construction projects in the neighborhood, and weighing the economic gains versus the detriments of bringing construction into our corner of the city. Awareness of safety and prioritization will be a bigger concern going into 2021.

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC.
I hold a degree in Marketing and have experience creating strategic plans, business portfolios, plan proposals, resource analyses and data reports, as well as social media curation and website design. I have delivered oral presentations and can network and use resources to achieve a common goal. I also have experience working in public education and can teach and deliver curriculum to young students.

Elianna Lippold-Johnson

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC.
My husband and I moved to Linden Hills three years ago when our daughter was a baby. Since then, I’ve found a wonderful community of neighbors who have become dear friends – people whom I appreciate, rely on, and learn from every day. And I keep meeting more wonderful people here! I hope to join the LHiNC to give back to my neighborhood. As a native Minnesotan who also spent ten years in New York, I hope to bring my unique perspective to the Council. I’m most interested in racial justice and equality. I am also interested in gardening and education. Most recently, I was a Director at The Wildling, a storytelling group for middle schoolers (and a non-profit started by a fellow Linden Hills resident).

Heartbroken and enraged after the murder of George Floyd, I felt a call to action. For me, this has meant joining racial affinity groups with other white folks to process my own internalized racism, as well as joining cross-racial groups like Allied Folk to discuss personal experiences with racism and reflect on the book How To Be An Anti-Racist.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:
If the last six months have taught us anything, it is that we are all connected. Fostering connection is my goal for our neighborhood. We need each other and we are impacted by each other. My vision for Linden Hills is to foster intergenerational connection, our connection to the environment, and our connection across racial lines.

The pandemic has forced many of us to be at home more. What does that mean for people without mobility or without technology? What about for technology-saturated youth? How do we hold each other up and support one another in healthy ways?

Two summers ago my mom taught me how to garden with native plants. I tackled the backyard to create a butterfly garden and was amazed at the monarchs and hummingbirds that visited. I hope to spread knowledge about creating healthy yards and gardens, composting, and thinking about our connection to the lakes and waterways.

The racial awakening we’ve felt in the summer of 2020 is hard to overstate. So many of us protested, put up BLM signs, collected donations, and joined groups to study racism. My goal for Linden Hills is to continue to engage in this work. My vision for Minneapolis is for it to transform into an integrated oasis of racial equity, with safety and health for all residents.

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC.
Teaching. Mentoring. Recruiting. Planning events. Writing middle school curriculum. Gardening. Social media-ing. Parenting. These are my areas of expertise. I also pride myself on being kind, optimistic, organized and creative. As a member of the LHiNC, I would hope to foster an environment of camaraderie and learning among the council, neighborhood and city at large.

Gina Rautenberg

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC.
I am a freelance marketing writer who moved my family from the Bay Area to Linden Hills in 2019. Our hope was to find a progressive, inclusive urban community in my hometown of Minneapolis — and we truly feel that we hit the jackpot in Linden Hills. Even as COVID-19 has greatly diminished our ability to grow our social circle, we have found joy and comfort in the safe interactions we’ve been able to have with neighbors since last spring. I never knew that a place could become home in so short a time frame.

As a self-employed mother of two young kids, I have a unique perspective on many of the issues facing younger homeowners, renters and parents in Linden Hills. Whether it be the burden of student loans, the tough decisions on childcare during COVID-19, employment concerns, issues related to equity in education or a desire to simply feel less alone and more like part of a thriving community, I have spent a lot of time considering how the much-discussed millennials can listen and thoughtfully activate.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:
I would like for Linden Hills to focus on diversity and inclusion, supporting small businesses, and on a return to true community engagement and camaraderie. A bit more on this:

Diversity and inclusion: I don’t think there is a more important issue facing the city of Minneapolis. Whether it be in regards to policing, education, hiring practices, housing availability or other hot-button issues, I think the time has come for Linden Hills to interrogate our role in the segregation of the city. From there, we can open the discussion of how to reframe Linden Hills as an open, vibrant and supportive community for BlPOC.

Supporting small businesses: Our local businesses have more than proven their worth in the wake of COVID-19, from Settergren’s early pivot to curbside pickup, to Heartfelt’s online offerings for children’s arts and crafts, to various restaurants who have offered new takeout menu options. These businesses are the lifeblood of LH, and they are what make us stand out from our neighboring communities. As winter sets in and these businesses continue to fight to stay open, we need to help community members learn how (and why) they can support restaurants, shops and other local businesses.

A return to community: For me, COVID has helped me to recognize that I don’t care for a highly independent lifestyle; I want to be able to rely on my neighbors and community and to support them, as well. It started with borrowing a cup of sugar to avoid going to the grocery store in a pandemic and (on my block) has led to regular, distanced get-togethers with young parents. Now I am realizing I don’t want to wait until my kids are in school to get to know folks who live a block or five away; I want to find easy and safe ways to connect and support different demographics so that we can all feel a sense of responsibility for one another, and connection to one another.

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC.
I have 12+ years of experience in marketing and communications and I would love to bring my skills to help LHiNC promote events, businesses, community members and other important news to the community. Whether there is a need for email communications, blogs, social media posts or engagement in other arenas, I can draft the right message every time.

Abdi Sahal

Abdikhaliq Sahal

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC.
I come from a fairly large family of 10 and have lived in the neighborhood for a little over 14 years. I love playing soccer with my younger siblings, running around the lakes and spending quality time with the rest of my family. I am a recent graduate of Augsburg University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology. I am running for a second term as part of the neighborhood council because I have been an active member of this community for a very long time and believe that my experiences/ideas would greatly benefit the community. While on the board I was the co-chair of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program(NRP) committee and helped reorganize our NRP budget. I would like to continue being on the council because I feel that I would be a resource to the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council with my communication and problem solving skills. Something that I am most proud of while on the council is helping create a virtual series that highlighted various organizations that could provide resources to our city’s most vulnerable residents.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:
My family and I have loved all that the Linden Hills community has had to offer and really enjoy the sense of community that revolves around everything we do. A goal of mine would be to improve communication from our neighborhood to the City of Minneapolis.

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC.
What I would bring to the LHiNC would be my problem solving skills and as well as my volunteer management/recruitment skills. In the past, I have worked with campaigns, as well as student organizations, to coordinate large events that needed a great amount of teamwork and volunteers to put together. I also believe that my ability to think pragmatically in difficult situations has served me well and will continue to serve me while on the LHiNC.

Gaurav Thakker

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC.
Having relocated from London in 2016 I am relatively new to the neighborhood. The recent decisions by the City of Minneapolis leadership (City Council, Mayor, Minneapolis Parks etc) are likely to have long-term  consequences for many of us. Many in the community are already considering whether the City of Minneapolis remains a safe place for their respective families and I feel through this forum I would be able to speak up for some of those that may not be comfortable expressing their views and opinions.

Other than looking after our 18 month old son and balancing a full time job, my wife and I run a small real estate business through which we have managed to gain first hand exposure to other communities around the Twin Cities. My wife and I just received our ASA 101 sailing certification and hope to pursue further training.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:

For a thriving neighborhood, our focus should be on:

  • Crime and Safety – Engaging actively with stakeholders like the City Council, Mayor’s Office and Law Enforcement
  • Housing Access – Educating the neighborhood on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) and how the Minneapolis 2040 plan could be used to enable more housing access in our neighborhood
  • Celebrating Diversity – Learning about the diversity we already have in our neighborhood and celebrating by sharing experiences and asking question

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC.
I have an MBA and have worked in financial services for over 10 years. Through managing multiple properties I have gained a good understanding of housing related issues. I was actively involved with the Diversity and Inclusion, as well as the Philanthropic committees at work