MPRB Ash Tree Removal

The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board recently began an eight-year effort to mark, remove and replace public ash trees. Approximately 30,000 ash trees lining Minneapolis boulevards and nearly ten thousand ash trees located in park properties are destined for infestation by Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). To lessen the effects of a sudden large-scale, city-wide canopy loss, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) foresters began marking non-symptomatic public ash trees on June 23 as part of an eight-year effort to mark, remove and replace public ash trees on boulevards and in parks throughout the city.

The pre-emptive removal is part of the MPRB’s ash canopy replacement plan, which reduces the impact of tree losses by removing a small percentage of ash trees at a time and replacing them with a diverse range of tree species along each city block and within each park.

Ash trees identified for removal will be marked with a green painted “X,” and the MPRB will begin removing those ash trees and stumps throughout 2014. Replacement trees will be planted in spring and fall of 2015.

Forestry crews anticipate replacing 5,000 ash trees each year for eight years, with removal of ash trees during 2014-2021 and planting of replacement trees during 2015-2022.

Click here for maps of boulevard ash trees by neighborhood.

For more information on the MPRB’s ash canopy replacement plan, visit You can also reach
the MPRB Forestry Department via email or phone 612-313-7710.