Make a difference with these tips:

  • Garage sale tips: Along with spring cleaning comes garage sale season. This article includes tips for planning your garage sale adventures and holding your own. And remember that Choose to Reuse includes a listing of upcoming reuse events such as community garage sales.
  • School is out – time to organize school supplies: Get a jump on being organized for the year ahead with these tips for sorting and finding the best reuse or disposal options for school supplies.
  • Reducing waste during home remodeling: Home remodeling can be a big source of waste, but with a plan and a little extra time, much of that waste can be avoided or diverted for reuse or recycling.
  • Low-waste travel: A lot of waste while traveling can be prevented with a little bit of effort put into packing the essentials, planning for snacks, and thinking through your souvenir purchases.
  • The green, green grass of home (and away): Summer is often filled with trips to parks, games, sporting events and vacations. Tips to continue your recycling and waste reduction habits while you’re on the go this summer.
  • Organic lawn care and maintenance yields field of dreams: Concerns over the chemicals their children and dog would be exposed to, a couple in the northern suburbs adopted organic lawn care practices that include leaving grass longer, applying organic fertilizer, spreading a compost team mixture, and keeping up with weeding by hand.

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