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Survey Results for Proposed Park Projects in Linden Hills

On July 10, LHiNC launched a survey on behalf of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to find out if Linden Hills residents would support two new park projects: clay courts in Waveland Triangle and a small pavilion by the bocce courts in Linden Hills Park. The projects would be paid for with Park Dedication fees, which are assessed on any development within Minneapolis. 

Thank you to the 373 residents who participated in the survey. In summary:

  • 53% supported clay courts, 47% did not support clay courts
  • and 63% supported the pavilion, 37% did not support the pavilion.

LHiNC has shared the survey results including comments with the MPRB, as well as with Council Member Linea Palmisano and State House Representative Frank Hornstein.

See full survey results here.

The MPRB will make the final decision on how to spend the park dedication fees. For comments or questions about next steps, please contact Adam Arvidson, Director of Strategic Planning, MPRB at