Treasures of Linden Hills

Each year, the Neighborhood Council honors Linden Hills residents and/or business owners who enhance the quality of our neighborhood through volunteer efforts or a strong sense of giving back to the community.

2023 Linden Hills Treasures


Becky Allen

Nominated by Steve Birch:

"The word treasure implies enduring value and the work that Becky has accomplished over the past 8 years, as a volunteer, board member, and finally as the Executive Director. Becky’s gifts to the Board and neighborhood are vast and during her time she was able to expand the reach of the neighborhood council with emphasis on neighbors that previously without a voice and seat at the table. 

"Becky worked hard to recruit a diverse membership of the board and always worked to get the input of people in the neighborhood through outreach to renters and under-represented groups. 

"Becky takes the long view in terms of her ability to look beyond the immediate question or problem and then tries to develop solutions that will last beyond her time on the board and she never sought to pass a problem to the future when she could work to resolve it.

"Becky is the person behind the idea of 'Taste of Linden Hills,' which has become a critical fund raising effort for the board that helps to fund grants as well as building community with a fantastic social event for the community.

"Becky is a voice of reason that seeks to at least allow all parties a seat at the table and to provide a listening ear when it comes to issues of contention. She is open minded and makes sure all are heard before recommendations and decisions are rendered.

"Becky leaves the council with a firm foundation and sound structure. Both of these items are critical to long-term success for the council and for the neighborhood."


Lake Harriet Yoga Project

Nominated by Jennifer Herman Spiller:

Since May 2012, the Lake Harriet Yoga Project has been offering free yoga classes lakeside at the Lake Harriet Bandshell from Labor Day to Memorial Day. There are also full moon yoga classes in the evenings several times throughout the summer months. The instructor volunteers vary from day to day. They bring together people from all walks of life and create community at its best!


Kathryn Lundquist

Nominated by Bali Kumar:

“Kathryn dedicates so much of her time to serving the community, both in Linden Hills and greater Minneapolis. 

"She be found helping out with any of the Neighborhood Council committees, or volunteering at the Camden Collective, or volunteering for the Linden Hills Festival. She does it out of the kindness of her heart - she does not volunteer and help out for any recognition - she just wants to be helpful and make everything run as smoothly as possible. 

"Kathryn is a smiling face everywhere she goes and is beloved by all - a true Treasure of Linden Hills!”


Brad McLemore

Nominated by Dave Schoenecker:

"Brad owns and operates Linden Hills House of Music and is dedicated to providing instruction for young people to explore they're musical talents. Brad gives tirelessly of his time in Linden Hills and surrounding neighborhoods in addition to providing musical entertainment at neighborhood events.”

While many community groups benefit and rely on Brad’s talents and time, the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council especially wants to thank Brad for his generosity during the 2023 Taste of Linden Hills and at the 2023 Linden Hills Fall Festival. Without him, our events would not have the same excitement and caliber of talent.


Steven Mosborg

Nominated by Laura Willard: 

Steven chronicles the seasons of our neighbourhood through the art of photography and shares the beauty with us all through the internet and exhibits in local spaces. He is truly a treasure!” – Laura Willard

Thank you, Steven, for the time you’ve spent documenting the beauty and charm of our neighborhood.

Sadie Struss

Nominated by Tanya Orstad and Elianna Lippold-Johnson:

"Sadie has been a true gift to Linden Hills. She is the driving force behind our local Buy Nothing group. Sadie organizes annual neighborhood clothing, costume, game, and puzzle swaps. In preparation for clothing swaps, she has folded more kids clothes than the people at the Gap. 

Sadie’s commitment to reducing waste and consumerism have made a substantial impact on Linden Hills and the planet. If that’s not enough, ask Sadie for a recommendation for any product or service. I guarantee you, she’s “got a guy for that.” Sadie, you are a Linden Hills Treasure.” -- Tanya Orstad

"When Sadie moved with her family to the neighborhood from New York City during the pandemic, something magical happened that has transformed our community. Somehow at home with a baby and just getting settled into Linden Hills, Sadie started a Buy Nothing group that blossomed into a source of nourishment, generosity, and care for everyone who joined. As the moderator, Sadie set up clear ground rules and in doing so, created the only space on the internet that is kind, welcoming and inclusive! People started giving away beautiful clothing, furniture, art supplies, toys, fresh picked produce, birthday decorations, and more.

"Out of thin air, Sadie brings people together. News stories have been broadcast about this Buy Nothing group. People who join cannot even believe their good luck. People in the neighborhood have become more and more generous, and just as importantly, learned to reach out when they need help. Especially at a time when people were feeling isolated, Sadie made sure there was a way for people to connect. What would we do without Sadie?! Sadie is a treasure." -- Elianna Lippold-Johnson

2022 Linden Hills Treasures


Bill and Rose Arends

Nominated by Leah Harp:

Bill and Rose Arends were nominated by resident Leah Harp for all the time they have dedicated to the Minnesota streetcar Museum’s Como Harriet Line. In Leah's words, "Bill and Rose Arends are long time Linden Hills residents. Since retiring they have dedicated themselves to the Minnesota streetcar Museum’s Como Harriet line. They run the gift shop together. Bill operates the streetcar. Rose manages the Depot and trains volunteers how to use the register etc. They spend countless hours keeping the Streetcar running and are true neighborhood treasures."

Aaron Isaacs of the Minnesota Streetcar Museum attended the awards ceremony to present Bill and Rose with their award.


Bonnie Bolton

Nominated by LHiNC Board:

Bonnie Bolton was a true gift to this community who passed away this summer. Bonnie moved to Linden Hills after retiring from a successful career that included positions like Art Director for Target and Vice President of Marketing and Advertising for Montgomery Wards. And wow, were we lucky to get her! Bonnie jumped right into her community - and never stopped. She volunteered countless hours for countless groups - including the Senior Tennis Players Club, her condo association and the Linden Hills Business Association. 

Fellow Linden Hills Business Association Member Barb Nei says of Bonnie, “ She was a delightful force of nature, immensely talented, generous with her time, and a ton of fun. Together we cleaned up neighborhood gardens, dreamed up and pitched numerous projects for the neighborhood, and laughed a lot. Working with her taught me so much about service, community, and not ever giving up.”

Bonnie was a member of the LHiNC board when she passed - the second time she had served on the council. And LHiNC was so lucky to have her. She showed up for every event - tabling at the Farmers Market, Coat Drives, Food Drives, meetings, you name it - she’d be there. And she always had ideas of how to make things better, how to include more people, how to keep on growing this community she cared for. She will be missed and always be remembered. 

Adam Feyissa

Nominated by Jessy Heim:

Adam Feyissa was nominated by Linden Hills neighbor Jessy Heim. Adam drives the Kebana Ice Cream Truck that you often hear making its way through the neighborhood on warm summer nights. Here’s why Jessy nominated Adam:

“Adam has been bringing joy to the kids of Linden Hills for over 22 years with his seasonal ice cream truck! Every Sunday from May through September you can hear the familiar jiggle of Beethoven's Fur Elise from his ice cream truck as he makes his way through the neighborhood while excited kids line up to greet him and enjoy one of the many treats he has to offer. Thank you to Adam for contributing to the charm of the neighborhood and bringing back so many wonderful childhood memories for the young at heart!”

Tom Olson

Nominated by Tara Lund:

Tom was nominated by his neighbor Tara Lund, who had this to say:

“Tom has a neighborhood “doggy depot in his property filled with all types of treats, water, poop bags and a garbage can for people to deposit their pups’ waste. This summer I’ve seen him weeding and gardening at the church across the street from him and triangle park, he mows and shovels his neighbors’ property and of course keeps his own place looking appealing. He always has a kind word or chat with the many neighbors who pass by his house at the curve on Drew/Chowen/42nd. We are lucky to have Tom!”

2021 Linden Hills Treasures

Karen Carlson

Nominated by Seana Daley:

Karen Carlson is both a Linden Hills resident and the owner of Grace & Co., a gift shop located in the heart of Linden Hills. Karen was nominated by Seana Daley who said “Karen's store Grace and Company has been here for 7 years. She only uses local artists' products which is so important to be supporting our local companies! She is always so cheery and welcomes everyone in her store including your dog :)”

LHiNC has also featured Karen in the People of Linden Hills section of our e-newsletter. In that article Karen said, “This neighborhood is the most friendly and charming hood I have ever lived in. I am grateful everyday to be able to live and work here.”

Karen, we are grateful to have you as a part of our community - and we are honored to present you with a Linden Hills Treasure Award.

Suzie Marty

Nominated by Linda Picone:

In the nomination letter, Linda said “Starting last year, in the midst of the pandemic, Suzy who is the owner of Everett & Charlie art gallery and gift shop--started organizing outdoor music in the area between Harriet Brasserie and Everett & Charlie. 

Suzy created a schedule and worked with the musicians so there's always someone there on Thursday-Friday nights and Sunday brunch-time. It has been an important factor in turning that little stretch of 43rd Street into a neighborhood gathering place. People eating outdoors at Harriet Brasserie often remark that it feels like being in Europe--outdoor dining with twinkle lights overhead and live music.

(Credit also should go to Felicity Britton, who started donating her driveway so that Harriet Brasserie could reopen last summer with enough outdoor seating to make it worthwhile, and who has continued to do so this year, even though it means she has to park elsewhere.)

I don't know if Suzy lives in Linden Hills, but she certainly adds to the neighborhood with her business and her commitment to the community.”


2020 Linden Hills Treasures

Steve Eberly

Nominated by Ginny Halloran:

Steve is a friendly community-minded person. He frequently attends community meetings and always has time to say hi to neighbors walking by his home.  He was involved with rallying people to support the plastic bag ban and even dressed up in hundreds of plastic bags  to demonstrate at a City Council meeting.  He contributes to the Linden Hills Facebook group and is always helpful with his comments.  Because of the kind of guy he is, I'm sure there's many other things to add I'm not aware of."

Leah Fish

Nominated by Connie Pepin:

Leah is a treasure to our community as a neighbor and as a committed LHiNC Board member and as chair of LHiNC's Environment and Sustainability Committee. She has helped the committee accomplish much, even during the pandemic and the resultant budget constraints and concerns. Her excellent communication and organizational skills help people clarify ideas and interests in order to set and achieve realistic goals and plans. Her leadership inspires and helps people reach consensus toward achieving shared goals. Leah's personal commitment and high energy are evident in her can-do and hands-on approach to Board and committee activities during these challenging times."

Tammy Meyer

Nominated by Beth Morrison:

Tammy knows everyone in the neighborhood and immediately made our family feel so welcome when we moved in. All of the neighborhood kids know to go to her back door for homemade popsicles every day in the summer, so there is a constant stream of kids running to her back yard. She is the go-to neighbor to grab packages off your porch when you are out of town and the organizer of get together’s on our block.  She’s also known for dropping off her famous homemade banana bread on the front porch. On top of being a great neighbor, we always see her volunteering at neighborhood events like the Halloween event for families, even though her kids are grown, and the voting polls. We are so lucky to have her in Linden Hills!"

2019 Linden Hills Treasures

Anne Feicht

Excerpt from Anne's nomination:

Even before her current service as a member of the LHiNC Environment & Sustainability Committee, Anne has worked for years to improve our community and protect our environment. In light of the alarming decline of pollinators and wildlife habitat, she works hard to make our neighborhood more pollinator-friendly, as evidenced by her ongoing maintenance of gardens at Lake Harriet school and most recently her dedication to restore the native plant gardens along the Turtle Bread parking lot (a section of the Trolley Path Naturescape). She’s also committed to educating youth about ecology and service, as evidenced by her supervision of Southwest Community Education Green Team members to help maintain the Trolley Path Naturescape."

Bryce Hamilton

Excerpt from Bryce's nomination:

"Since first moving to Linden Hills in 1977, Bryce Hamilton has been a cornerstone of the Linden Hills neighborhood. Not only is he one of the most cordial and welcoming residents that Linden Hills has to offer, he is committed to connecting people and creating a community that people are proud to be a part of.

Bryce and Donna Hamilton started their successful seasonal ornament business, Hearts & Ivy, out of their home on Linden Hills Boulevard. Eventually, they moved the business to the basement of the Linden Hills Co-op (where Settegrens Ace Hardware now resides). Bryce soon became a board member of the Linden Hills Co-op, where he helped grow the business for 4 years. That opportunity led to his involvement with the Linden Hills Business Association, where he has fostered local business growth for over 20 years.

When not contributing to the local economy, Bryce brings culture and art to the citizens of Linden Hills. He was a major force behind Linden Hills Live which ran for 11 years and included fun activities, live music and local food, occurring 3 times each summer.

Additionally, Bryce also helped bring Woofstock to life, one of the many fun and eccentric events that brings attention to downtown Linden Hills. Finally, without Bryce, we wouldn't have a ready-to-be-played piano in our downtown square!

Bryce is one of the kindest people I know. He really cares about this community and has had a huge impact on its culture. I can't imagine this place without him."


Excerpt from Jager's nomination:

Jaeger, who recently passed away, was a neighborhood institution! I'd like to recognize his title of "Unofficial Mayor of Linden Hills," because this is the kind of thing that pulls the neighborhood together in a very feel-good way.

Tanya Orstad

Excerpt from Tanya's nomination:

Tanya designed the adorable kids T-shirt for LHiNC that all the adults want to wear. She did it out of the kindness of her heart and with the intent to give back to her neighborhood. Not only does she organize the national night out events for the summer on our block, but in true MN spirit, she does so in the winter - inviting her neighbors outside to roast marshmallows and drink hot cider outside. She’s awesome."

2018 Linden Hills Treasures

John Flanagan

Excerpt from Jon's nomination:

“Jon Flanagan is a librarian at Linden Hills Library and is a real celebrity among the younger set. His storytimes are filled with books, songs, movement and games and he know just how to engage children of all ages as well as their care givers. On Mondays, Baby Storytimes are always played to an over-capacity audience and it’s often reported that “Mr. Jon” is a frequent topic of family dinner conversations. Mr. Jon also presents Family Storytimes and even Pajama Storytimes, and in the summer, on the hill under a tree, there are Dance Party Storytimes which are as fun as they sound!

In addition to storytimes, Jon oversees other youth activities, providing crafts, scavenger hunts and interactive play for kids of all ages.

It is a joy to see all of the children from the neighborhood come running into the library to say hello to Mr. Jon, a gentle guitar playing superhero!”

Jeff Stites

Excerpt from Jeff's nomination:

Jeff has been dedicated to building community as well as to climate concerns in the neighborhood. He is a board member of LHiNC, Minneapolis Climate Action (previously Linden Hills Power & Light),  and was chair of LHiNC’s environment committee for years, while holding a full time, demanding job. He has championed and personally supported many efforts including: solar gardens, zero waste, pollinator friendly gardens, healthy soil initiatives, buckthorn pulls, Nice Neighbors Day, and more. Thank you, Jeff for your dedication - you have made our neighborhood a much better place."

2017 Linden Hills Treasures

Jim Miller

City Council Member Linea Palmisano presented the Treasure award to Jim Miller

Jim Miller

Excerpt from one of Jim's three nominations:

“I could not think of a better person nor citizen who is more caring, astutely interested in neighborhood issues– brings calm and diplomatic demeanor and wonderful ideas and vibes to the table!
Jim Miller takes time out his day to lend a helping hand to neighbors!”

“As a LHINC Board member, Jim Miller has been working on the LHiNC zoning committee for the past two years. He has spent a lot of time talking to neighborhood residents to try to get a sense of how they feel on particular issues. Jim is Block Captain of his block. Jim Miller is authentic. His actions and ideas are pure of heart. That is why I feel Jim should be recognized as a Linden Hills Treasure.”

“When problems arise for in the neighborhood, many times I have seen Jim Miller go and speak directly to the involved or injured party: whether it is a business owner or resident. He doesn’t talk about what he does, he just does it. And in the 3 years I have been involved in the neighborhood I have witnessed it time and time again. Mr. Jim Miller is a true and selfless, Linden Hills Treasure.”

RUBIES Robotics Team from Southwest High School

Team members: Adelaide Fanner, Ava Kian, Isabella Kemling, Izzie Mack, Mitra Kian, Rachel Springer

Excerpt from RUBIES Robotics Team nomination:

“If you’re open to group nominations I think the Rubies robotics team truly embodies what this award celebrates. This team of six girls is based (and lives) in Linden Hills and attend Southwest High School. They are an award-winning robotics team, one of a select group to be invited to last year’s FTC Robotics World Championships in St. Louis. But it’s their outreach and community involvement that sets them apart.

They have volunteered to demonstrate robotics and STEM at countless events – at the Bakken, the Works Musuem, Linden Hills Festival, Lake Harriet Community School, the State Fair, and many others.

The team has a passion for making such programs available to all, particularly to underserved populations. They meet regularly with teams from across Minneapolis, putting a special focus on areas with high poverty. Two years ago they were the only public school FTC team from Minneapolis; now there are at least 10, and the Rubies have helped them all.”

Southwest RUBIES

City Council Member Linea Palmisano presented the Treasure award to the RUBIES Robotics Team

2016 Linden Hills Treasures

Carla Anderson

Carla and her black pup named Desi are an institution near 44th & Upton. Not only does Carla work at the Bibelot Shop and live next door, but she can be seen walking and talking around the hills morning, noon and night. Carla is naturally gregarious and welcoming to all neighbors. She is on a first name basis with all the neighborhood dogs (and their owners) and keeps a watchful eye on her friends in the neighborhood.

Carol Clemens

Carol has acted as LHiNC’s volunteer e-news editor for over two years! In addition to spending hours each month preparing the informative monthly e-enewsletter, she willingly donates additional time to preparing periodic e-news updates to inform residents of timely events and issues – often with very little advance notice. She contributes cheerfully, gently bestowing editorial insight and marketing expertise from her many years in the business. LHiNC is grateful for her commitment and the neighborhood is a better place because of Carol Clemens – Linden Hills Treasure.

Christine Gepp

Christine has lived at 41st & York for forty years. She raised her children playing at the kiddie pool at Linden Hills Park and as a result she knows the names of many of the adults around the area and is always ready to greet and help them. In addition to this, for the last thirty years, she has coordinated both the Linden Hills Garden Club and the Wreath Making event at Linden Hills park in December. Christine also coordinates a knitting and discussion group every Monday evening at Sebastian Joe’s where everyone is welcome. Despite her arthritis, she is always ready to weed local areas and volunteers at her church.

Walter Pitt

Walter has shown himself to be a passionate and intelligent vocal Linden Hills neighborhood activist, both as a resident and LHiNC board member, including service as Chair of the Zoning Committee, where his diligence, creativity, organization, and communication skills benefit the committee. He works tirelessly on development issues to preserve the charm of our beautiful neighborhood, and he is a volunteer youth sports coach. We are fortunate to have Walt’s sustained commitment and energy to help Linden Hills be a great place to live and work!

2015 Linden Hills Treasures

Aroti and Benjamin Bayman

Aroti and Ben are long-time Linden Hills residents who have helped the community in many ways over their decades here. They have donated delicious meals for the Linden Hills Festival silent auction, pulled invasive species from our natural areas, and most recently they are leading the effort to reclaim the Turtle Bread stretch of the Trolley Path gardens–from overgrown weeds to beautiful pollinator plants–through their own hard work and also recruiting other volunteers to help.

Patricia and Steve Liszewski

For three years, Pat and Steve have worked countless hours planting, weeding, mulching and maintaining the Trolley Path Gardens, supporting the Southwest Community Education Green Team. Our community is enriched by the beautiful and pollinator-friendly gardens they have nurtured for all of us to enjoy!

Matt Mohning

Matt joined the LHiNC board in November of 2013 and in his two year term, has been a valuable leader, serving as Treasurer and Co-chair. As Treasurer, he committed untold hours dissecting the various City funding programs and enlightening the other board members about NRP funds, CPP requirements, general funds and more. In his tenure as Co-chair, Matt served as committed leader and advisor. Through all of his time with LHiNC, his love for the neighborhood and commitment to the community has always been apparent. For his service and dedication we thank him.

Damon Moss

Although not a native Minneapolitan, Damon has been an extraordinarily engaged member of our community since his arrival in Linden Hills. Damon is a constant positive presence walking throughout our neighborhood with his dog Freddy, greeting his neighbors and strangers alike. He is also an avid and gifted amateur nature photographer who has taken the time to document some of the hidden natural gems of our area. His photographs were even featured in a Southwest Journal article this year. Damon says his mission is to help document these natural places and their beauty in case they disappear.

Craig Neal

For several years, Craig has posted to the Linden Hills Neighborhood Facebook group page daily photographs of captivating Lake Calhoun sunrises and sunsets, always accompanied by a peaceful and thought-provoking poem or verse. The images are powerful and humbling, and the verse inspirational. For many of us, his contributions provide a positive start to each new day and an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the natural world around us.

Diana Neidecker

Diana joined the LHiNC board in November of 2014 and immediately began making a difference in our community. As a committee environmentalist and volunteer, she believes strongly in doing good and giving back wherever possible. Of her many accomplishments with LHiNC, she was the originator and project architect of the first annual Nice Neighbors Day in Linden Hills. The event, on September 26, matched 35 volunteers with 7 projects within the neighborhood, to great success. Those involved had positive comments about their day of service, and we look forward to Nice Neighbors Day being an ongoing annual event in Linden Hills.

2014 Linden Hills Treasures

Steven Brown

Steven is the talent behind Tilia, the Linden Hills Farmers’ Market, and the annual Augtoberfest street festival.

Tom Neiman

Tom is an all around favorite teacher/leader/mentor from Southwest High School.

Martha Schaefer

Martha was a lifelong gracious neighbor and treasured neighborhood friend (posthumous award).

Tom Neiman

State Representative Frank Hornstein presented the award to Tom Neiman

2013 Linden Hills Treasures

Tim Voltz, Dave Porter, Mark Settergren, and members of the Linden Hills Small Area Plan Steering Committee

These are a select few individuals whose actions contribute to the quality of life in Linden Hills.

Tim Voltz

Sen. Scott Dibble with former LHiNC Treasurer and all around savior, Tim “Boom Boom” Voltz

Dave Porter

Sen. Scott Dibble with “Good Neighbor” Dave Porter

Mark Settergren

Grant Hawthorne, Sen. Scott Dibble, and Mark Settergren

Group - Treasures

(Left to right) Sen. Scott Dibble, Larry LaVercombe, Rick Anderson, Jim Scott, Jean Johnson, Pat Smith, Ann Voda, Sara Jaehne, Eric Hansen, Aaron Tag; not pictured: Gretchen Johns, Dave Luger, Ken Stone

2006-2012 Linden Hills Treasures


Bob Bayers, Bayers Hardware


Linda Haug, Cafe Twenty Eight

Sara Boehnke

Nancy Felice

Susan Tapp, LHiNC; Volunteer; Buckthorn/PATH work; LHHSG

Friends of the Library: Joe Wolff, Carol Shaw, and all others


Constance "Connie" Pepin, LHiNC Leadership and environmental stewardship

Nelson Evenrud


Bryce Hamilton, Linden Hills Live

Cal and Mary Lou Oss, Good neighbors for 50+ years at 44th and Abbott

Michelle Miles, LHiNC website

Bill Brice, Dog treat guy

Margaret Purcell and Chip Alberg, Active neighbors at 39th and Zenith

Neal and Leandra, Neighborhood musicians and benefit for Linden Hills co-op

Bill and Linda Lundborg, Linden Hills Line layout designers

Jim Cone, Business owner; donor of coffee; Woofstock organizer


Alex Adams, Chess mentor

Tom Braun, Linden Hills Power and Light; Generous neighbor

Bruce & Maggie Drew, Neighborhood activists

Mr. Little Guy, Lake Harriet elf

Debbie Evans, LHiNC; NRP expert; Volunteer

JoEllen Haugo, Down at the Lake co-author; Linden Hills History Study Group

Wayne Krefting, Volunteer; Puppeteer; SWAC coach

Jack Newton, Volunteer; LHiNC; NRP champion

Heidi Rich, Linden Hearts Kids' Club

Scott Streble, Volunteer Linden Hills photographer

Wild Rumpus, Neighborhood place of enchantment

Doug Wilhide, Linden Hills Poet Laureate