Art Fair/Marketplace Booth Registration

Each year, the Linden Hills Festival welcomes thousands of people to the Linden Hills Park for a day of food, music, games and fun. A large part of the festival is the Art Fair/Marketplace, where dozens of artists, businesses, and organizations set up booths to promote their business, sell their wares, and educate people about their causes. This year, the festival is on Sunday, May 19 from 11am – 5pm.

Reserve a booth at the Linden Hills Festival Marketplace for $50. You may also rent one or two 8′ tables for an additional $20 each.

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Register with mailed check

Please remember to send a check to:

Linden Hills Neighborhood Council (LHiNC)
P.O. Box 24049
Minneapolis, MN 55424

Once we receive your payment, we will contact you to confirm your registration.

Thank you!