Renaissance Soil Garden Talk

Create Healthy Soil in Your Yard & Combat Climate Change

April 28th Workshop Sponsored by LHiNC

LHiNC’s Environmental & Sustainability Committee is sponsoring a Healthy Soils Demonstration at the Linden Hills Trolley Path off York Avenue on Sun., April 28th at 1:00 p.m.  

This demonstration workshop will consist of a talk by Kassie Brown from Renaissance Soil on how to create healthy soils in your yard that will maximally absorb CO2 out of the atmosphere to help with climate change, while at the same time helping pollinators and the health of our lakes.  This process also creates a yard that is more resistant to drought, as well as run off from heavy rains.

After the talk, attendees will be able to take home either biochar or enriched compost (your choice) to start creating healthy soil at home.  You are also invited to stay and help Kassie and volunteers prepare the trolley path plot for the first stage of its transformation.

As part of this yearlong healthy soils initiative, Linden Hills has also selected a neighbor’s lawn that will be going through a healthy soil transformation. Please consider joining us as we learn about and implement this process on our yards together.

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