Meet & Snack with Fair Trade Minneapolis

Let’s meet outside! You’re invited to Meet & Snack with Fair Trade Minneapolis at Boom Island Park on Monday, July 18, from 7:30 to 9 pm. Bring your friends, your “bag chairs” and your favorite Fair Trade treats or local produce to share, or just bring yourselves. See you there!

Meanwhile, please check “going” or “interested” here:

At Fair Trade Minneapolis (501c3 nonprofit), we encourage people to choose Fair Trade products so farmers & artisans earn a fair & sustainable living, the environment is protected by the Fair Trade standards, and products including chocolate are made slave free.

Let’s raise awareness about Fair Trade. Lots of people in Minneapolis, especially people under age 40, tell us they’ve never heard of Fair Trade. All of those people have heard of Ben & Jerry’s, where all cocoa, sugar, vanilla, coffee, & bananas are traded in compliance with Fair Trade standards.

It would be great to meet you and your friends on July 18!