LHiNC Plans a Forum on the Future of Policing

During the immediate aftermath of the death of George Floyd, the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council committed to listening to members of disenfranchised communities as well as those in Linden Hills in addressing injustice.

As part of that, LHiNC is organizing a public forum on the future of policing in Minneapolis to be held in January 2021. We understand this conversation isn’t simple. There are many viewpoints on the issue and many constraints, including state laws, union contracts, and funding.

As we work toward the forum, LHiNC will share resources that reflect those different voices and positions, in hopes of creating a more informed discussion in January. This month, we are sharing the first of those resources:

Minneapolis League of Women Voters present: “We the People” Policing Series (4 parts that took place in 2020)

  • July 27: Discussing police abolition and public safety with Minneapolis/St. Paul lawyer and activist Nekima Levy-Armstrong
  •  August 14: Debate over police abolition and methods for strengthening community and public safety
  • Sept 9: Discussing police contracts in Minneapolis and how to incentivize fewer incidents of police brutality
  • Oct 30Discussing the lack of female officers on the Minneapolis Police Force and the importance of mental health and de-escalation training for officers.

If you have questions or want more information about the forum or the shared resources, please email