Local Business Update: How Integrative Health Can Help

At this time, a lot of people are operating in a full-on stress mode. Rachael Peltier, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at SuNu Wellness, provides advice on how to personally tune-in and get grounded.

Health is a word that has been top of mind for many of us for some time. Now, more than ever, we are being called to address not only our “health” in general, but all of the elements that influence it. You may hear or see words like Holistic or Integrative attached to Health and feel confused about what that means. Simply put, it is an emphasis on the whole person; the many categories of their life (relationships, career, spirituality, etc.), their specific bio-individuality (each and every person has unique needs – diet or otherwise), and how those elements work in tandem to make up our Integrative Health. 

This information isn’t new, and surely you have considered that there is more influencing your health than just what you are eating. It considers what you are consuming in general, the aforementioned aspects of your life, and ultimately your awareness. If we aren’t even aware of our current condition, how can we know where to begin?

Here are a few prompts to get you started:

  • What is my level of awareness throughout the day? Am I present and how?
  • What is my relationship to food/beverage, and am I present when I am consuming them?
  • Does (insert your choice: food, activity, beverage, relationship, etc.) truly make me feel GOOD? Or is there something that I can choose that is more in alignment for me?
  • What do I truly want from life?

The goal is to simply cultivate awareness and curiosity. Maybe that’s all you need for now; or maybe you recognize that you need support, healing, change, therapy, etc. All of these things are okay, and they will look different for everyone. 

Every time you aim to cultivate your awareness you become more connected to yourself, your intuition, your Integrative Health, and the truth that – You are the expert on YOU.