City of Mpls

Water Main Renewal Project Is Underway

Wondering why the neighborhood is being overtaken by pieces of plywood and temporary pipes? Beginning in early April, the City of Minneapolis’ Public Works Department started on a water main renewal project in Linden Hills, which will remove mineral deposits that can limit water flow to residences and businesses. 

The project is happening in stages, and is scheduled for completion in November 2024. Residents on streets that will be directly impacted should have received this letter at the end of March. 

Below is information from Public Works, and additional information based on answers we saw come in on our Facebook Group page

Why is the project needed?

The water main in the project area is made of cast iron pipe. Although the water main is in sound condition, mineral deposits have built up on the inside of the unlined pipe. The purpose of this project is to remove the mineral deposits and install a lining to prevent future mineral build up which can limit proper water flow. 

What is the overall project timeline?

The work began in early April and will conclude in November 2024. Here is a map of the streets that will be affected.

This work is one of many renewal projects happening this year in Linden Hills, and it will be delivered in phases by different specialty crews to efficiently utilize their time. As such, there will likely be periods of minimal activity in your area, but please be assured the project is progressing.

What will happen during the project?

To maintain water service during the project, plastic pipe will be installed along the curb and connected to the exterior faucet of each building using potable water hoses. 


  • A City of Minneapolis contractor will dig the access holes and cut out sections of water main near the street intersections in the project area. (The holes may be dug a few weeks in advance.)
  • Cleaning and lining crews will clean the inside of the water main by pulling scrapers through the pipe and then install the protective lining.

Water service should not be interrupted during this project, and the connector installed on your outside faucet will allow you to connect a garden hose. The temporary pipes will remain on each block for about three months.

What is the new lining made of?

The cement mortar liner is composed of cement, sand, and water. The epoxy liner consists of a non-hazardous spray-applied epoxy material. All of the liner materials are certified for use in potable water pipes.

How will water usage be assessed and billed? 

Water from the temporary line will not run through your water meter. The City of Minneapolis will bill your property for estimated water usage based on your previous year’s usage. Please note that the costs associated with this project will not be assessed to your property.

Will city employees need to access my home?

If your building’s water stop valve (located near the curb) does not work, a City of Minneapolis Public Works employee will temporarily remove the water meter to prevent backflow into the water main being renewed. If it is necessary to access your building for this reason or anytime during this project, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment. Please note that City employees carry a City of Minneapolis identification badge.

It looks like only half the blocks are being worked on this year. Is there a plan to work on the other streets in the future? 

Yes. The city of Minneapolis plans to clean and line the other adjacent blocks next year.