LHiNC Annual Meeting 2022 – Hybrid

October 11, 2022 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

LHiNC invites you to connect with your community at our 2022 Annual Meeting to be held October 11 from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Linden Hills Recreation Center (3100 W. 43rd St.) and online via Zoom.

At the meeting, we will:

  • Award Linden Hills Treasure awards to neighbors who go above and beyond.
  • Meet and vote for LHiNC Board candidates.
  • Hear about what’s LHiNC has planned for the year ahead and how you can get involved.

To join the annual meeting online, please register here to receive log-in details.

Meet the 2022 Candidates for LHiNC

Thank you to the 10 candidates who have applied to run for 8 available seats on the board. LHiNC appreciates your willingness to dedicate your time and talents to our community. We invite everyone to read their applications below. At LHiNC’s Annual Meeting, each candidate will also be invited to give a short statement about who they are and why they are running.

Voting will begin at the end of the meeting and run until October 18 at 8:00 p.m. Voting will take place primarily online, however, people at the meeting can complete a paper ballot. Residents can also print out a ballot here and mail it to LHiNC at P.O. Box 24049, Minneapolis, MN 55424.

Vote online for LHiNC Board Candidates here.

Courtney Armborst

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC. List any organizations, activities, clubs, etc. in which you actively participate.

As a Linden Hills community member I love getting my coffee at turtle bread, cafe ceres or after dinner Sebastian Joes. I’ve been able to interact with a lot of community members as I have worked at the Untied’s fruit and vegetable stand and love the people in this community.  I am a community organizer, whether working in schools with students or creating peace gardens in the city, I have dedicated myself to stand up against injustices anywhere.  With a passion for health and well being I am a yoga instructor, teaching at Fly Freak studio as well as St. Paul Rec centers; teaching people that may otherwise not have access to yoga. Driven by inspiring the youth, I am also a HS Soccer and Track coach.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:

My goals for the neighborhood are to continue with the progress of creating a more inclusive community, one that looks like all us. A space where all of us are welcome to be ourselves, where we focus more on our similarities and less on our differences! My hope is for Linden Hills to be a space that Fosters all our unique growth, and furthers our collective abundance.  My lived experience as a woman of color I believe I will provide a different perspective; with the hopes we can create a more equitable place for us all.

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC:

Extensively working with multiple local non profits I am proficient in community coordination and organizing. I am also chief operations for a trucking and transportation company, handling all logistics and accounting with much skill in excel. 

Judy Hornbacher – Incumbent

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC. List any organizations, activities, clubs, etc. in which you actively participate.

Like many citizens, I have lived in many houses, in many states and in several countries. Each of those places has been remarkable, exhilarating and fascinating.   But my years in Linden Hills have been my first experience of living in a true neighborhood.  I cherish living here and have made it a personal priority to contribute to the continued growth and depth of this neighborhood.

I have served on the LHiNC board for three and a half years, this last year as Chair.  In every meeting, in every encounter with other Board members and every neighbor and business, I have learned; learned about the neighborhood passion for environmental responsibility, learned about the young families, the old timers, the newcomers, renters and homeowners, puppy dogs, and the commitment to equity that exists here.  

I wish to continue to learn and to contribute to the richness of this community through service on the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council Board. Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy.

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC:

Meeting facilitation, writing, mediation

Carrie Johnson

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC. List any organizations, activities, clubs, etc. in which you actively participate.

My husband, our baby daughter, and I moved to Minneapolis in early 2022 from Washington, DC. We had the opportunity to visit and explore different neighborhoods around the Twin Cities and fell in love with Linden Hills and the area around Lake Harriet. In August 2022, we moved to the Linden Hills neighborhood and have enjoyed the rich sense of community, walkability, parks, musical performances, and shops and restaurants. In my spare time, I love book clubs, farmers markets, traveling, and being near water — whether that’s boating, swimming, scuba diving, or just sitting on a park bench.

Professionally, I work in the telecom industry with a focus on broadband deployment to help narrow the Digital Divide in rural and tribal communities across the United States. For six years until his retirement, I served in the office of U.S. Sen. Tim Johnson, who represented my home-state of South Dakota. I served as a policy adviser on education, labor, telecommunications, and budget/appropriations. I have a B.A. from American University and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. I grew up in Yankton, S.D., on the beautiful Missouri River.

I’m excited about the opportunity to join the LHiNC because I want to get involved in my local community and meet new people. I’m new to Minnesota and think this would be a great way to deepen my involvement in the neighborhood. I’m also passionate about pedestrian and vehicular safety.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:

As a LHiNC Board Member, I would like to work with the Linden Hills community and the City of Minneapolis to promote initiatives that advance Vision Zero. Vision Zero is a strategy to "eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. In my previous home of Washington, DC, there are cross walks with vehicle stop lines painted at virtually all intersections in residential areas. My family and I love walking around Linden Hills, but I believe the addition of more cross walks with stop lines would make walking safer and more enjoyable for both pedestrians and motorists. As a starting point, these crosswalks should be prioritized at high-pedestrian-traffic locations, such as the intersections around Linden Hills Park where pedestrians, including children and elderly residents, regularly cross the street.

Finally, my family and I have loved using the beautiful Trolley Path to walk from our home to Linden Hills Village. To make the path safer for those using it, I want to work with the LHiNC and the City of Minneapolis to add signage to alert motorists of the pathway and the pedestrian crossing points, which occur at the mid-section of the block where motorists are not expecting pedestrians. This signage would alert motorists to be prepared to stop and look out for pedestrians. 

I would like to work with LHiNC to make the Linden Hills neighborhood safe and accessible for all. The best practices developed in our neighborhood can hopefully be used as a model to improve the pedestrian and vehicular safety across the city.

I am committed to diversity, inclusion, and contributing to the advancement of policies and initiatives that can make Linden Hills and the City of Minneapolis a more welcoming and vibrant community where all people can thrive. I believe this should be a primary goal at the heart of the projects and priorities supported by the LHiNC.

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC:

I have experience with zoning and city planning. Additionally, as a member of the LHiNC, I would bring a knowledge of inter-governmental affairs, strong writing and communication stills, as well as a passion for organizational development and diversity/inclusion initiatives.

Elianna Lippold-Johnson – Incumbent

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC.

Greetings, friends and neighbors! I have found the last two years of being on the council to be fulfilling and productive, and I have more time and energy to give, so I hope to serve again! I am a former middle school English teacher, a born-and-raised Minneapolitan, a mom, a voracious reader, a weekend gardener, and an advocate for racial and economic justice. In the last two years, I have been able to work with the neighborhood council to bring important programming to our community.This included a speaker series on racial disparities in Minneapolis; a training and workshop on how to start being anti-racist; and a two-part conversation group about race called “Beyond What You See,” which we held in Linden Hills Park. I also got trained as a racial justice facilitator through the YWCA. I started a partnership with The Camden Collective, a North Minneapolis organization that provides resources for families. Last winter we hosted a winter coat drive and brought more than 100 warm coats and lots of winter gear to The Camden Collective and volunteered at their winter festival. We continue to bring Linden Hills volunteers to help at the North Minneapolis food bank every second Saturday of the month. I also just applied and got our neighborhood into the Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute. If I were not on the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council, I would not have had the opportunity to help organize these trainings and volunteer opportunities. If I am selected to be on the neighborhood council for a second term, I would continue to prioritize volunteering, sharing resources, community education offerings, and working toward racial equity in Minneapolis.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:

I love meeting new people and building community. The last time I applied for the neighborhood council, we were in the early part of the pandemic and the uprising following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. What I said in my application then is that we were in the process of understanding how deeply interconnected we all are to each other. Honoring that connection continues to be my goal for our neighborhood. We need each other and we are impacted by each other. We must work to understand and care about each other. My vision for Minneapolis is for it to transform into an integrated oasis of racial equity, with safety and health for all residents. My vision for Linden Hills is to foster intergenerational connection, our connection to the environment, and our connection across racial lines.

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC.

Community organizing. Writing. Teaching. Mentoring. A bit of institutional knowledge (gained during my two-year term, ha!). A spirit of inclusion. Energy for building bridges across neighborhoods. Generosity. Creativity.

Lavish Zachery Metzger

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC. List any organizations, activities, clubs, etc. in which you actively participate.

Hey! My name is Lavish and I am a Linden Hills community member. I am a co-op member, I frequent Turtle Bread & Cafe Ceres. I have always loved the area, as my father & grandfather are both from the neighborhood.  I am a legislative aid for a Minnesota state representative and an organizer & advocate for injustices anywhere! I would like to participate to be a voice for those who may not be able to speak up for themselves, I feel if I don’t do it, who will? It is a responsibility, a duty to be a blessing and help to continue creating a safe and abundant place for all of us!

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:

My goals are furthering linden hills inclusivity and love for one another and continuing to treat our neighbors with gratitude as well as being a leading community in representing a greater Minneapolis. I have faith we can become comfortable with being uncomfortable in our ever so comfortable lives, having compassion in our spirit and making our community a better place for everyone.

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC:

I have high level organizing skills, having organized Thousands of people throughout the country for injustices over the past couple years. I am a profound speaker and aspire to inspire young and old alike. I have expertise with creating campaigns as I am a field organizer for the house DFL  and have worked and am currently working on multiple different local elections.  I also have a strong understand of social media, outreach and pr as I have a large social media following, garnering a million accounts reached monthly.

Gina Rautenberg – Incumbent

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC.

I’m a connector by nature and when I speak with friends and neighbors, I often find that folks simply don’t know about all of the opportunities and events that are available in Linden Hills and beyond. From grand openings in the business district, to the park building offering classes and sports leagues, to our thriving Buy Nothing Group that offers everything from kids’ clothing to couches for free, to the History Group that shares the details of our neighborhood over the last 200 years, there is so much to learn about and DO in Linden Hills. 

For the last two years, I’ve served on the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council, and I believe I have more to offer by serving another two-year term. I hope to continue making 1-to-1 connections with friends and neighbors, and to helping larger groups of people find activities, events, classes, and other experiences that make them feel more at home in our community and beyond. 

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:

My goal is for our neighborhood to look past our own community lines, and continue to work toward a more equitable city for all. 

Since the murder of George Floyd, the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council has enacted an Equity Vision, which drives our “decision-making, resource allocation and the development of all policies and practices” that we recommend or enact. 

This has empowered our council to consider how our resources – including time, money and human – can be best spent. 

One example of this is in the Linden Hills playground fundraiser, which you’ll hear more about later tonight. While we were at first planning to raise money for our own playground, we quickly realized this didn’t align with our equity vision, or with the values of the folks on the committee. 

By doubling our fundraising goal and committing to a 50/50 split of the funds – to our playground, and one across the city – we are actively working toward building a city that is great for everyone – whether they live in our city or not. 

It is my hope that we continue to make our decisions through this equity lens, not only when it comes to smaller community projects like the playground, but also as we begin to consider the bigger issues of housing and affordability. 

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC.

I have 12+ years of experience in marketing and communications and I would love to bring my skills to help LHiNC promote events, businesses, community members and other important news to the community. I have been running our Instagram page, and helping out with Facebook, and I look forward to finding more creative ways to use those (and other) platforms to connect and engage our neighborhood. 

Jennifer Spiller

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC. List any organizations, activities, clubs, etc. in which you actively participate.

My family has lived in our village of Linden Hills for more than twenty years. A native Minneapolitan, I celebrate all things that make our city great – the diverse neighborhoods, abundance of green spaces, vast culture and the arts and most importantly, its community of residents. A regular patron of programming at the bandshell, a life member of the trolley, a block leader, a weekly visitor of our library, I am a known smile in the community. 

In addition to my vast professional experience in philanthropy, I have also been active in numerous nonprofits and civic activities across our community for years in addition to my sons’ school and extracurriculars. Most recently, I have served as an election judge, volunteered at Open Arms Minnesota in various capacities including their 2022 Benefit Committee, and was on the Board of Gilda’s Club Twin Cities. I was also an active member of Crew 52 when the Superbowl came to town and served on the Community Outreach Committee for the Final Four. My service activities are vast and diverse in nature. 

I have always seen myself as a community servant and put my passions into action in 2019 by signing up for Americorps. When COVID hit, my service moved from the public schools to packing food with Every Meal (formerly the Sheridan Story) as a Coronavirus Crisis volunteer. I saw firsthand how our community came together.   

The past few years have taught all of us a great deal about the importance of community for survival. We got to know our neighbors better and stepped up to help where needed and heal in ways we may have never done before.

The mantra of Linden Hills, “You are always welcome here”, is one that speaks to my values and beliefs and am therefore offering my time, talent and treasure to the community. I believe we need to pay closer attention to all the changes that are taking place and recognize the impact they will have on our village – Linden Hills. My charge would be to ensure that community comes first, and we remain transparent and inclusive in our work as public servants.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:

I am a believer in potential. My cup is always half-full versus half empty. But, I worry about public safety and the crime and violence that continues to fester.

I see the needs of our young people for a safe place to play and learn. I am concerned that some of our local storefronts remain empty. I am frustrated to see our bandshell and other historical landmarks in such disarray, but am pleased the planning has begun. I am thoughtful about the loss of parking on our streets limiting our suburban neighbors from accessing our city’s treasures. I think about the increased traffic with high speed buses in our future. I feel for our residents that are hungry, unemployed, homebound, etc. The list goes on and on. I won’t let my worries impact my optimism. I honor our past, live in the present and hope for our future with cheerful trust. 

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC:

As a seasoned fundraising professional with more than 25 years of experience in the field, I offer you my talents in all aspects of philanthropy and nonprofit management. In addition, I have experience as an advocate for issues that impact women, children, and families on the local, state and national level.

I am willing to bring my energy and enthusiasm to the position by rolling up my sleeves and doing everything from setting up chairs for a town hall, participating in a door knock or phone tree campaign, serving food at a community picnic to speaking at a public forum on issues of importance. “It takes a village.”

Amy Watters – Incumbent

No Photo Release

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC. List any organizations, activities, clubs, etc. in which you actively participate.

I joined LHiNC earlier this year to finish out the term of a previous Board member and I’ve loved every minute of it!  My involvement this year includes volunteering at the Camden Collective Community Food Share, coordinating the silent auction at the Fall Festival, and participating in monthly Board meetings.  I believe my experience on the Board thus far has demonstrated my commitment to LHiNC and the Linden Hills community and prepared me to remain an effective Board member for a full term.

I’ve lived on the same street in Linden Hills for 16 years, first in a condo, and now in a home where I’m determined to become a gardener!  You may have seen me walking the neighborhood with my almost 2 year old boxer mix Luna who loves every human and dog she meets.  If she approaches you, don’t fear, the worst she will do is lick every inch of your face (if you let her)!

Professionally, after many years in the healthcare industry, I’m now an Associate Professor and Director for a graduate program in Health Information Management at the College of St. Scholastica (CSS), where I’ve administered a program and taught online since 2006.  I’m a published author in various research journals and am co-editor of a textbook used by undergraduate programs in Health Information Management across the U.S. I’m very involved in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at CSS where I regularly teach and conduct workshops for my peers, and recently completed Mental Health First Aid training so I can bring awareness and provide mental health support to students, faculty, and staff on our campus. 

I’m passionate about creating a sense of community among people, whether it be in the classes I teach, the organizations I’m involved with, or in the neighborhood I reside.  I’m on the Board of the Ann Bancroft Foundation, was on the Board for my condo Association for more than 10 years (until I moved to my home), and have various organizations I volunteer with such as Meals on Wheels and food preparation for free meals for those in need.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:

My concern for the neighborhood is always safety which is one of the reasons participating with LHiNC is important to me – I believe establishing a strong sense of community is one of the best ways to keep a neighborhood safe and I want to contribute to that effort.  I’m also concerned about maintaining the historical village-feel of Linden Hills while continuing to progress with the times and ensure all feel welcome and included as a part of the Linden Hills Community.  The small businesses are a critical component of the community and I want to see them thrive! 

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC:

I have experience in leadership/management, facilitating meetings, writing and presenting, and since I teach online I have a strong foundation in computers/technology.  I am very detail oriented, for better or worse! 🙂  I’d be honored to have the opportunity to continue to work with the fabulous LHiNC team and contribute to to the mission of the Council!

Maria White

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC. List any organizations, activities, clubs, etc. in which you actively participate.

My interests include being active with friends and family. I garden with my extended family at a community garden in Kenny Neighborhood. I cross country ski, roller blade, and play ultimate frisbee. I play an active role in my union, MFT.

I would like to participate in LHiNC to build connections across the neighborhood, to be an active participant in my new neighborhood, and to experience working with my neighbors towards a stronger future.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:

My hope for the neighborhood is that it becomes more genuinely welcoming and comfortable for all. I would hope to continue efforts of understanding our history and current status and working together to become better. When I moved here I came from a neighborhood with some of the worst air quality in the state, to a neighborhood with some of the best environment and air quality in the city. I would like to see us use our influence and power to change things like that.

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC:

Some things that I would be interested in working on as part of a team are: landscaping, writing, facilitating meetings, and managing and recruiting volunteers.

Mike Williamson

Please write something about yourself, your interests and why you would like to participate on LHiNC. List any organizations, activities, clubs, etc. in which you actively participate.

My wife and I moved to the neighborhood last year but fell in love with it back when we first started dating. What started as a brunch at Zumbro Cafe quickly turned in to a stroll through the farmer’s marker and then a long walk through the neighborhood with flowers in hand. Our first Woofstock was back in 2017 and it was always a wonderful excuse to come back and enjoy the village. Ever since then, we’ve been keeping an eye on neighborhood listings and were finally able to make it work in 2021! We have spent the last year+ chasing our newborn around the house during restoration and renovation projects while getting to know our most immediate neighbors. We look forward to expanding that circle as we continue settling into the neighborhood. My wife and I have enjoyed dialing in to the LHiNC monthly meetings and getting to know more about the personalities and projects that surround us.

I graduated from the University of St. Thomas with undergraduate degrees in business and engineering and have been working for a software engineering company for just shy of the last decade. I currently hold a senior manager of engineering position and believe that some of those problem-solving skills would help augment the goals and initiatives the LHiNC has already embarked on. Having played in many adult rec leagues throughout the Metro, I’d like to see if there would be an opportunity to further develop our existing park spaces and raise the utilization rates. I’ve also been following some of the watershed initiatives that Minneapolis has been funding throughout NE MPLS and would like to see if we could grow on the “Protect Our Waterways” initiative that began last year with awareness-increasing yard signs.

Please list your concerns, hopes and goals for the neighborhood:

After listening in on many of the council meetings over the last year, the number one item on my list for Linden Hills is the health of our Village and its continued success. I believe that success can be broken down into two distinct focus areas: innovation and preservation.

As a community, we need to be innovative in our search for ways to attract business owners and patrons to the Village. How can we best take advantage of the new Metro E Line servicing right through the heart of our neighborhood? How can we help our existing small business grow so a customer coming for a single appointment stops to shop and spend time somewhere else as well? As Minneapolis changes, Linden Hills will need to change with it. I see the LHiNC as having a strong voice in that change, and I would like to be a part of it.

At the same time, we must work to preserve the charm and character that our neighborhood grew up in. We need to find ways of embracing higher-density housing without turning ourselves in to the vast apartment complexes and housing developments of the suburbs and exurbs. Our parks, lakes, and people are what make us unique, and we must put in the effort to ensure any new initiatives are vetted through the impact they will have on the broader community.

List any special skills you would bring to LHiNC:

The role of any functioning neighborhood council should be to guide the community forward, not hold it back. In that vein, I believe one of the best traits a councilmember can have is not just a can-do attitude but a want-to-do attitude as well. While I certainly hope my engineering and management background can be of service to the council, the primary skill I’ll be leaning on will be a willingness to join in and help out wherever is needed. I’m a natural extrovert and enjoy finding commonality and conversation with those around me.