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LHiNC Votes to Support East Phillips

In March, LHiNC’s board voted to join several South Minneapolis neighborhood organizations in signing a letter of support for our neighbors in East Phillips against the demolition of the Roof Depot building for the Hiawatha Expansion Project as planned by the City of Minneapolis.

As the letter states, “The demolition of the Roof Depot building will bring even more pollution to a neighborhood that, along with North Minneapolis, suffers from the worst air-quality in the city and, as a result, significantly higher rates of asthma, heart-disease, cancer and many other health conditions…East Phillips is presenting a powerful alternative vision: the conversion of the Roof Depot building into a community-owned indoor urban farm. In stark contrast to the City, the community’s vision meets all of the goals of the Green Zone initiative and offers a variety of solutions to the significant environmental, health, food, and racial disparities in East Phillips neighborhood and Minneapolis.”

As stated in LHiNC’s Equity Vision, the board has committed to act based on historical knowledge and racial and socioeconomic awareness to dismantle patterns of racism and injustice in our community. We invite you to read the letter in its entirety: